Scan receipts from your mobile phone

Effortlessly submit your receipts to Receipt Stash as you receive
them using our mobile app for Android and iPhone.

Scan and submit

Scan and submit multiple receipts in one go simply by snapping photos of your receipts.

You can even combine multiple images into a single receipt for those large or double-sided items.

Automatic extraction

The relevant exepense information is extracted from your receipts in real-time.

Your expense information will be ready for review and any modifications within 5 seconds of submission.

Stored securely in one place

Create peace of mind by knowing that all your receipts and invoices are stored securely in a single place.

You can access and easily search for your documents from anywhere and from any device.

Seamless export functionality

Seamlessly export your expense data to your accounting platform with the push of a button.

Custom CSV and PDF exports are also a piece of cake for flexible data access or further analysis.