Streamline your bookkeeping practice

Stop chasing your clients for paperwork.

How Receipt Stash works for your practice

Clients submit their expense items

Clients submit their invoices and receipts by snapping a photo, forwarding to their unique Receipt Stash email or by uploading via desktop.

Automatic data extraction

Relevant information is automatically extracted and stored with the item file, so you can say goodbye to the manual data entry process.

Automatic coding and tagging

Create rules to automatically populate receipt and invoice items with data such as GL codes, tax rates, tracking codes and more.

Publish to accounting platform

Publish your client's expense data to their integrated cloud accounting platform in a number of different formats. See results within seconds.

All-in-one partner console

With the Receipt Stash Partner Console you can easily manage all your clients from a single, easy to use dashboard. Stop chasing your clients for their invoices and receipts. With our seamless submission methods, all the necessary information and documents can easily funnel into your central partner console.

Receipt Stash integrates seamlessly with these apps