Publish your documents straight to QuickBooks Online

Submit financial documents to Receipt Stash and publish them to your
QuickBooks Online account - without the data entry!

Intelligent bookkeeping automation software

Receipt Stash automates the process of collecting, coding, and entering your financial documents into QuickBooks Online.

100% automated, real-time processing.
Automatically extract accounting data with the Receipt Stash mobile app or Dropbox, and send it your QuickBooks Online account.

Save Time

Real-time automatic data extraction and coding of your receipts and invoices, in under 5 seconds.

Go Paperless

Say goodbye to stacks of paperwork with a secure, easily searchable cloud-based solution.

Seamless Integration

Send your financial documents and data to your QuickBooks Online account with the push of a button.

How to connect QuickBooks Online and Receipt Stash

Login to the Receipt Stash web dashboard and navigate to Setup > App Integration. Click the green Connect button in the QuickBooks Online app box and follow the instructions. Click here for more information.