Automatically fetch your documents from Dropbox

Automatically sync your documents from Dropbox
into your Receipt Stash inbox.

Intelligent bookkeeping automation software

Simply place your financial documents into a special Receipt Stash folder within your Dropbox account, and within 24 hours they will be automatically imported into your Receipt Stash inbox, data extracted and coded for you.

100% automated, real-time processing.
Automatically import expense documents from Dropbox to your Receipt Stash account.

Save Time

Real-time automatic data extraction and coding of your receipts and invoices, in under 5 seconds.

Go Paperless

Say goodbye to stacks of paperwork with a secure, easily searchable cloud-based solution.

Seamless Integration

Automatically import your financial documents into Receipt Stash from your Dropbox folder.

How to connect Dropbox and Receipt Stash

Login to the Receipt Stash web dashboard and navigate to Setup > App Integration. Click on the Importing tab and then click the green Connect button in the Dropbox app box and follow the instructions. Click here for more information.