How to export a receipt

Before you can export receipts, you must first link your accounting platform. Click here for more information on app integration.

If your receipts are not set to automatically export, you can manually export an individual or group of receipts.

Navigate to the Receipts page and locate the receipt, or receipts that you would like to export. Tick the checkbox or checkboxes in the first table column for the corresponding receipt(s). If you have linked your Receipt Stash account to your accounting platform, the green Export button will become enabled. If you click the Export button, the selected receipts will be queued to export as their selected export option. If you click the down arrow on the right side of the Export button you can select from a list of export options, which will be determined by your accounting platform.

The default Export As setting will be determined by any merchant settings you may have set, and failing any merchant settings will be set by your app integration settings. You can manually change this for a receipt by opening the receipt and editing the Export As field.

When you have queued a receipt for export, the table row will become greyed out to prevent you from making any changes to the receipt while it is exporting. If the export was successful, when you next visit the page the receipt will have been moved from the Inbox tab to the Archive tab, and you will also find the receipt in your accounting platform.

If the export was unsuccessful, the receipt will still be in the Inbox tab and the Export button in the far right hand column of the row will now be orange. Hover your mouse over the Export button for details about why the export failed. You can make changes to the receipt record and attempt an export again.

A receipt in the export queue:

Export failed:

Export App Integration

Learn more about exporting receipts to your specific accounting platform: