How to download receipt files

Navigate to the Receipts page.

There are two ways to download receipt images, firstly you can do this for an individual receipt by opening the receipt detail window by clicking on the green link in the Merchant column. In the top right hand corner of the receipt detail window, click the cog icon with the down arrow. click on the Download button in the drop down list to begin your download.

The other way is to download receipt files in bulk. Select the receipts you want to download by ticking the checkboxes in the first column of the receipt table. This will enable the Tools button in the control pabel above the table. Click on the Tools button and select Download Receipt. A window will pop up with an option to download physical files, or to download the images into a PDF file.

If you are downloading more than one physical file, these will be placed into a single zip file for your download. If you are downloading a PDF file, each page will display the receipt along with the Receipt Stash receipt ID number.