Xero setup

Connecting Your Xero Account

Navigate to Setup > App Integration.

In the Xero panel click the green Connect button. This will re-direct you to a Xero login screen. Login to the Xero account that would like to connect to your Receipt Stash account.

After you have entered your Xero login details, Xero will re-direct you back to Receipt Stash and will have set pre-defined exporting defaults for your account. To view and edit these, click on the Settings button in the Xero panel. A window will appear where you can change the default export settings, and toggle the automatic export function.

Any merchant exporting rules you have set up will override the integration export settings.

Syncing Your Data from Xero to Receipt Stash

If you make any changes to your chart of accounts or tax rates in Xero, these will automatically sync to your Receipt Stash account every 24 hours. You can manually sync the changes with Receipt Stash at any time by clicking the Refresh Lists button at the bottom of the settings window.

Disconnecting Your Xero Account

If you want to disable the Xero integration, click the red Disable button. If you want to change the Xero account that is connected, click the blue Change button. in the settings window.

Using Receipt Stash with Xero

The next step after connecting your Xero account, is discovering how to use Receipt Stash to interact with it. Find out more by checking out the bellow support articles: