Exporting receipts to Xero


With Xero, you can export your items as one of the following:

A user can either manually select the location to export an item to, or the Export As field can be set at the receipt item level either manually or by using the app integration settings and merchant default rules.

Select an Accounting Code

Before exporting to Xero, ensure that a valid category is set for your receipt items. The category corresponds to the Chart of Accounts set up in your Xero account and this field is required in order to successfully export to Xero.

Exporting as Bill/Credit Note

When exporting an item as a Bill or Credit Note, the item will appear in Xero in the Bills to Pay section.

The status of the bill created in Xero can be controlled using the Export Type field in Receipt Stash:

  • Draft
  • Awaiting Approval
  • Awaiting Payment
  • Paid (if possible)

For bills to appear as Paid in Xero, the item must have a Receipt Stash payment method that's linked to a bank account. See Exporting as Bank Transaction below for more information on payment methods.

Exporting as Classic Expense Claim

When exporting an item as a Classic Expense Claim, a purchaser must be selected. The purchaser is a Receipt Stash user that the receipt belongs to and this user must also exist in your Xero account. Either the email address or the first name and last name must match between the two systems. The receipt will be exported as a draft current claim for that user.

Exporting as Bank Transaction

Choose to export as a Bank Transaction when a receipt has been paid for and it was paid from a bank account that you have setup in your Xero account.

When exporting an item as a Bank Transaction, a payment method must be selected and that payment method must be linked to a bank account in your Xero account. Payment methods can be managed by navigating to Setup > Payment Methods. The bank accounts set up in your Xero account will be available for linking to a payment method by creating a new one or editing an existing one.

If the receipt date and amount matches that of the bank transaction, once you export to Xero the transaction will be preselected for you to reconcile.

Exporting as Expense Claim Bill

When you have receipts that need re-imbursing, you can export these to Xero as a Expense Claim Bill. This is the same as exporting as a Bill however instead of being payable to the merchant, the bill will be payable to the user who made the purchase.

If you have multiple receipts needing re-imbursement for a particular user, you can consolidate these into an Expense Report which can then be exported as a single item. For more information on this, see How to make an expense claim.

Ensure that a user is selected in the Purchaser field before exporting as an Expense Claim Bill.

For more information on exporting receipts, see How to export a receipt.