How to split a PDF file into multiple items

If you have a scanned PDF file with a different receipt or invoice on each page, you can submit the file to Receipt Stash as a PDF split and each page will be automatically split and added to the inbox as an individual item.

There's two ways that you can tell the system to split the file when submitting:

File Uploader

In the web dashboard, click on the green + button on the top right of your screen.

In the pop up window, select the radio button, and then either use the drag and drop function or click the green Browse button to manually select the PDF files from your computer. Once you have selected your receipt files, click the Upload button.


When submitting items to your unique email-in address, attach the PDF files you want to split to the email, and include the text #split in the subject line. When the #split keyword is included, any PDF attachments will be split into an individual item per page.

Click here to learn more about submitting items via email.

Only the first 50 pages of a PDF file will be split.