How to share receipts

Navigate to the Receipts page and select the receipts you want to share by ticking the checkboxes in the first column of the receipt table. This will enable the Tools button in the control pabel above the table.

Click on the Tools button and select Email share link (read-only). A window will pop up with options for additional information to display on the share page, how long the page be available for, and the email recipient details. Fill in these details and click the green Send button.

Receipt Stash will send an email to the recipient(s) on your behalf and the email will contain a link to your shared page where displaying your selected receipts. The receipts will be read-only and a user can only make edits if they log into your account.

You can manage each share link that you've generated by navigating to Setup > Share Links. Here you can change the expiry dates additional information available on each share page.