How to export data to CSV

Navigate to the Receipts page and use the table filters and date ranges to output the records that you want to export to CSV.

Next, in the right hand corner above the the data table, click the cloud icon with the down arrow and then click Export to CSV.

Add each field you want to export and give that field a column header to appear in your CSV file. If you wish to save this export as a new export template, type a name into the Save as a new template textbox. If you wish to automatically archive the exported receipts, ensure you have ticked the checkbox for Archive receipts on export.

When you're ready to export your data to CSV, click the green Export button in the bottom of the window. If you had a value in the Save as a new template textbox, this will be added to the template dropdown list for you and any of your users to re-use in future. Any changes made to the template are automatically saved.