How to make an expense claim

An expense claim can be made for a Receipt Stash user by creating an expense report. The expense report is payable to the purchaser (Receipt Stash user) instead of a merchant, and the report can be exported to your accounting platform as a payable Bill or you can download the report for reimbursement or use in another system.

An expense report allows you to consolidate one or more receipts into a single report for a user. A PDF report is automatically generated based on the receipts that have been added to the report.

Select receipts by ticking the check box at the beginning of the table row, then above the data table click Tools and from the dropdown list click Add to expense report. You can either choose to add the receipts to an existing report, or create a new expense report.

The expense report will be visible as an item in your inbox. Click on the merchant name to open the item detail window which is where you can view and edit the details of the export report. To view and edit the expense report items, click on the Expense Items tab at the top of the window.

To view the generated PDF, you can download the item (see How to download receipt files) or you can click the Preview Report button at the bottom of the window.

The report lists the detail and sum of the receipt amounts. When file sharing is turned on, the receipt ID in the pdf can be clicked to view the corresponding receipt file.