How to grant access to my bookkeeper or accountant

If you are an account admin, navigate to Account Admin > Preferences and click on the Book Keeper tab.

Click the Invite Book Keeper button. This will open a window where you can search from our directory or partnered accounting practices. Select a book keeper and click the green Invite Book Keeper button. The book keeper will receive an invitation from your account and can either accept or decline it.

You can view the status of your request from this page - it will remain Pending until the book keeper accepts it, or it will disappear if they decline it. If they decline your invitation, you can invite another book keeper from the list.

If you change your mind about your invitation to that book keeper, you can click the Cancel Invite button which will cancel your invitation.

If your own accountant or book keeper is not in the list, click the link in the description of the Invite Book Keeper window and this will let you enter the email address for your book keeper. We will get in touch with them about our partner program.

If your accountant or book keeper is not interested in joining the Receipt Stash partner program or managing multiple clients on Receipt Stash, you can simply add them as a user in your account.