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Quick Start

The basics to help you get started with Receipt Stash.

App Integration

Connecting your apps for importing and exporting receipts.


The slightly more advanced features of Receipt Stash.

Tips & Tricks

Segregate user tasks and enhance security by setting user permissions.
Use merchant keywords to match and format merchant names more accurately.
Supported file types to upload are jpeg, jpg, png, gif and pdf.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade plans at any time. However you cannot downgrade to a plan with a limit that is less than what you have already used in your current billing month.
Receipt Stash accepts image (.jpep, .jpg, .png, .gif) and pdf files.
To submit receipts to Receipt Stash you can use our mobile app for Android or iOS, upload from your Receipt Stash dashboard by logging in via a web browser, emailing attachments or html receipts to your unique email-in address, or by placing receipts into a DropBox folder. The DropBox integration requires you to have a DropBox account, and when you link it with your Receipt Stash account a specific receipt folder will be automatically created in your DropBox.
No you don't. Receipt Stash does not replace your accounting platform, but if you choose you can simply use Receipt Stash as an archive and information repository for your receipts.
Lightning fast. You don't need to wait around while your receipts are processed in a queue. Our automatic data extraction technology works in real-time and will deliver you results in under 5 seconds and you can make and edits/data additions to receipts at any time.
You can invite your accountant to have access to your account either by locating them in our accountant directory, or if they're not listed, input their email address and we will send them an invitation. You can also create additional users for your account, with differing access levels.
You can check if your accounting platform can be integrated, and connect by logging into your web dashboard and navigating to Setup > App Integration. For more instruction on setting up your accounting integration, click here.
Find your accounting app integration by logging into your web dashboard and navigating to Setup > App Integration. Click the red Disconnect button in the app box and confirm you would like to disconnect the integration from your Receipt Stash account. For more information, click here.
Your chart of accounts is automatically synced from your accounting platform to your Receipt Stash account automatically when you first link your accounting platform account with your Receipt Stash account. After that it will be automatically synced every 24 hours. You can manually sync the list at any time, click here for more information.
Your chart of accounts list will be automatically synced with your Receipt Stash account every 24 hours, but you can manually sync the list at any time, click here for more information.
click here for instructions on exporting a receipt.
Each additional scan over your plan limit will be charged at a per item rate for the remainder of your billing month and will be added to your next bill. The account owner will receive a notification email when your account has reached 75% of the plan limit and then again once it has reached or reached 100% of the limit.
Receipts for re-imbursement can be consolidated and turned into an expense report for a user. Click here for more information.