About Receipt Stash

Receipt Stash was founded in 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand, and is on a mission to
revolutionise accounting for small and medium businesses around the world.

Bookkeeping Automation Software

We won't beat around the bush or try to dress it up. We're relatively new players to the game - but that doesn't phase us.

Founded in 2017, the team behind Receipt Stash saw an opportunity to massively stream line business processes and boost productivity for small and medium business around the world. It's surprising how much manual data entry is still done today by businesses. With advances in technology, we can automate the mundane, laborious tasks associated with running a business, and instead focus more on making a profit.

We may be young, but we believe the technology behind Receipt Stash is second to none, and that we can offer a world class experience both with our software and our customer service. Why not give us a go by signing up for a free trial?